03 December 2015 - The successful achievement of the UK’s carbon targets will depend upon the decarbonisation of our energy system. As an increasing range of technology choices are now becoming available across the low carbon sector, there is now a broad spectrum of energy system scenarios that could be envisaged, progress of which will depend to a great extent on the outcome of policy choices and investor actions over this Parliament.

This roundtable event provided an overview of what action is likely to be needed if the decarbonisation outcomes are to be achieved.

The roundtable was based on a recently published policy paper from Imperial College – Energy Systems Crossroads – Time for Decisions

Speakers included:

  • Chair – Peter Aldous MP
  • Dr Keith Maclean – Industry Chair, Energy Research Partnership
  • Dr Rob Gross – Director, Centre for Energy Policy and Technology, Imperial College London
  • Dr Alan Walker – Head of Policy, Royal Academy of Engineering

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