Date: Monday 6 June, Time: 17.30- 19.00
Location: Committee Room 16

“We are in the midst of nothing less than a revolution in the provision of our energy.”
Steve Holliday, Chief Executive, National Grid writing in The Daily Telegraph.

Steve Holliday recently stepped down after 15 years at National Grid, the last 10 of which were spent as Chief Executive. In a special guest lecture for PRASEG, he will reflect on the momentous changes that are underway in the UK’s energy system, the challenges and opportunities they present.

Innovations in demand side response, “smart energy”, the rapid increase of local energy generation and supply, and critically the need for a fast decarbonisation of the energy sector all lead to significant challenges for the UK’s energy networks. With every consumer a player in the energy market, a comprehensive strategy is crucial to ensuring that policy does enable the transition to a flexible, decentralised and low carbon future. The Energy and Climate Change Committee’s inquiry into low carbon network infrastructure is currently investigating how this can be achieved at a network level. National Grid itself is expecting to invest up to £20bn over the next five years to build a network that is compatible with this new energy landscape.

Steve Holliday will be setting out some key messages for the policy community that build on what he feels are the lessons and themes across 10 years at the heart of UK energy policy.

Join us for what promises to be an enlightening lecture from one of the key players in the transformation of the UK’s energy sector.

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